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Storybox Playlist: Stories to Keep 'Em Riveted

How do you make long plane rides, road trips, or train travel feel pleasant and fun? Stories. Lots of stories.

Here at Sparkle, we all have kids and we know how hard travel with kids can be — but that doesn't have to be the case. My family drove 13 hours from Tucson to Austin and we listened to Sparkle Stories almost the whole way except when we were playing Sparkle car games or the kids were napping. It was glorious.

We've rounded up five of our best, most compelling stories — some about travel adventures, but not all — for your listening enjoyment. There is one for each age group to get you inspired, but don't feel limited to only these. I will often follow a theme for our trip playlist — maybe it's about family if we are going to see family, or about camping we are heading out for a few days in the woods. I remember driving to the ocean and curating a list of ocean/water/pirate-themed stories. The possibilities are endless.

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The Pie Festival (from the Junkyard Tales collection)

Ben Thompson, clever cat, wakes to a buzz of activity in the Junkyard: today is the day of the Pie Festival! On this eventful day, each of the junkyard animals makes their own particular pie, and at the end of the day, the pies are judged. And, the identity of the judge is a secret! But what kind of pie should Ben Thompson make? The diets and tastes of all the junkyard animals are so different! In the end, Ben makes an original pie that will win the attention of at least one junkyard animal.

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Four Kinds of Pickers (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Collection)

It is blueberry season where Martin and Sylvia live and when Nanni and Poppi come to visit, Poppi teaches Sylvia that there are four different kinds of blueberry pickers: bear pickers, bird pickers, deer pickers, and rabbit pickers - and Sylvia finds out which kind of picker she is!

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Paddling to Treasure Island (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! collection)

When Daddy suggests they paddle to "Luck Island" which had recently been made into a public park, brother and sister are at once excited and filled with questions: "Does anyone live there?" "What is on the island?" "Will there be pirate treasure?" They find out that the island does indeed have treasure, but not at all the kind they were expecting.

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Episode One: Periwinkle's Parrot (from the Windward Ho! Book One: Fore & Aft collection)

In this first episode of Windward Ho! book one, Periwinkle "Wink" Mackenzie excitedly waits to purchase the next book in her favorite series, The Windward Chronicles, early on the morning of its release. She never suspects that receiving the new book will be only the beginning of an unforeseen adventure.

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Part One: The Welcome Wall (from the How to Be Super, Book One: The Violet Crown collection)

In which we are introduced to Dante and his single mother and learn that on the morning of his twelfth birthday, he experiences something incredible: he is struck by lightning. He is fine, but it begins a series of events that leads him to the neighborhood welcome wall where he receives a message that changes everything.

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