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Fairy Fireflies : So Many Fairies About This Story

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friday's kind words

Thank you for thinking of all of us families, and continuing to provide such a WONDERful treasure trove of stories. You are part of our every day. – Carrie Fleisch

friday's kind words

We LOVE Martin & Sylvia! My boys are 11 & 8 now and they are still into the stories, especially the nature school and any imaginative outdoor adventures. ~Katie

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Fairy Fireflies

So Many Fairies

A boy moves from a city apartment to live with his mother in a small house in the country. He has lived his whole life in the city, and so he misses his friends, his school and his home. He is nervous about the back yard with its overgrown trees, brambly bushes and a cow pasture beyond. He prefers to stay inside reading comics. Until one night, a host of fireflies — or are they fairies? — take him on a magical adventure.

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