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New Brother/New Sister: a Story about Welcoming the New Baby : So Many Fairies About This Story

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friday's kind words

Your work is so amazing and important!!! Stories seem so simple, and yet each story so quickly and easily transports you to empathy, understanding and compassion. Thank you for these offerings! ~Amy

friday's kind words

My children and I LOVE your stories so much. They have become such an integrated part of our lives that we can’t imagine living without them. ~Kate

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New Brother/New Sister: a Story about Welcoming the New Baby

So Many Fairies

Little Nathan loves his days with his mother and father. He loves their attention, he loves their snuggles and he loves playing with them ... when they are able to play. When he learns that his parents are going to have another baby, he is initially excited and imagines that he will have a playmate. But then he notices that things are changing in the house - changes that he doesn't like. Luckily Maggie, the Tulip Tree Elf, offers a perspective on the coming changes that helps him not only feel more welcoming to the baby - but honored to become something very very special: a big brother.

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