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Little Hammer, the Nubian Ibex: A Story for Hanukkah : By Thistle By Thimble About This Story

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I have always been a story reader, not a teller, until you guys assured me through your awesome words that I could do it too. ~Jana

friday's kind words

My daughter, age 7, has become a Sparkle story addict. My favorite part is that she uses Sparkle as a verb, as in - "Can we Sparkle tonight?". ~ Cortney

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Little Hammer, the Nubian Ibex: A Story for Hanukkah

By Thistle By Thimble

Little Hammer, a young mountain goat, lives at the top of a dry, craggy mountain in Israel with his mother and aunts and grandparents. His father and uncles are away, working to push a group of leopards out of the valley they usually call home. When a messenger comes and says they must delay their descent into the valley, they understand, but they wonder how they will manage to find food in the meantime. A patch of grass is discovered — one just enough to feed the herd for one night. They rejoice in the moment, but then start asking, "What will we eat tomorrow?" Miraculously, the following morning they discover that the patch has not only returned ... but grown.

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