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Backyard Water Park : At Home with Martin & Sylvia About This Story

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friday's kind words

Roadtrippin’ with my family. One of my favorite things to do... P.S. how do we do it without screens? Sparkle Stories — Erin, Vermont

friday's kind words

I used your back to school post with my son as he started at a new school. He came home and said with confidence and pride, “Mama, I was brave today. I talked to the kids at my table.” ~Jessica

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Backyard Water Park

At Home with Martin & Sylvia

It is hot, and Martin and Sylvia want to cool off. "Can we go to a water park?" asks Martin hopefully. "I don't think we have a water park around here," answers Momma. But Daddy recollects how he and his brother used to make their own water parks in their backyard. This inspires brother and sister to pull out all sorts of materials and structures to create a cool solution to the summer heat.

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