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Letting Go : Junkyard Tales: All Together Now About This Story

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friday's kind words

Our 4-year-old son Caspar is a devoted fan of the Junkyard. I love listening to him giggle (this morning, he was laughing at the forgetful turkey). ~Jen

friday's kind words

Your beautiful stories have inspired all sorts of conversations in our family about gratitude, kindness, sibling strife, and life in general. ~ Melissa (+ Sparkle kids )

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Letting Go

Junkyard Tales: All Together Now

Just when it seems like spring has sprung at the Junkyard, the sky darkens and it begins to snow. The snow takes Lil Mamma by surprise, for her daffodils have just begun to sprout, and she fears for their well-being! She doesn't have long to worry, however, because the mysterious mouse Mitzie Niegel appears at her door with some kind help and sage advice.

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