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friday's kind words

There has been huge hilarity here in the UK this rainy and bleak autumnal early morning, thanks to Junkyard Tales “Rocket Ship.” The children and I had tears of laughter rolling down our cheeks as the mice approached: “Oh no! They have...

55 Things to Do Instead of Screens

“There’s nothing to do besides screens!” My son has actually said this to me, more than once. This is why I keep a list of fun and satisfying things we can do in a day, reminding us all of the world of possibilities outside of screens.


sparkle kitchen: kids cook round up

This week we are encouraging both parents and kids to get offline and get into the kitchen. Did you know that all of these recipes have a printable recipe card? Just print out the recipes you want to try before going offline and you are all set. I've...

Put Down That iPad! How We Get Our Kids Offline

Screens! Screens! Screens! It’s a daily (if not hourly) question when you have children, isn’t it?

How much?
What content?
What limits?

I know from our own family experience that the questions can wear a body down.

May I...

sparkle crafts: Get Offline: Art Supplies and Creative Play Materials for Screen-Free Days

With screens and the internet available just about everywhere, it might feel daunting to say to your family, "We're going screen-free today! All devices off." However, it's not so difficult if you have a few art supplies and creative play materials...