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Storybox Playlist: Tell a Tale About Strong Girls

Question for you: what is strength? Strength shows up differently than it used to - now it is associated with resilience, objectivity, grit and defiance in the face of injustice. Here are some stories of strength - all with women or girls at their...

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings

Would you like to hear about a new parenting tool?

(Am I hearing a chorus of “nooooooo’s”?)

I know, I know, parenting tools abound, and with each new suggestion of “how to parent better,” our anxiety grows. At least mine does, because I...

friday's kind words

Thanks to Sparkle Stories and David, our daughter Lyla has finally landed on her first decision of what she wants to be when she grows up: a storyteller. While so much can happen between now and being grown-up, I love that storytelling is her current...

sparkle kitchen: quinoa chicken nuggets

In the Junkyard Tales story “A Time for Play,” as dawn breaks, the Junkyard residents discover that their home is covered in balls of ice. Ben Thompson learns all about "hail" and that it can lead to a lot of fun. Everyone joins in the games...

Georgia Bean's Method for Minding Mice & the Nurtured Heart Approach

In the fall, I came across a parenting tool that deeply inspired me. It's called the Nutured Heart Approach.

It was founded for families and caregivers of super-challenging kids, but it's useful in parenting and caring for all children. In fact, I...