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Storybox Playlist: Stories to Inspire Creative Play

Creative play is probably one of the most vital elements of childhood. It's the job of children to play and explore. Time for creative play allows them to test out different roles and helps them prepare for life. This week I've rounded up some really fun stories that will inspire your family to explore the world through fun and games and play.

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Wood Elves (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Collection)

Martin would like to be an elf — specifically, a wood elf. He wants to climb trees, use sticks for magic wands, speak in the magical wood elf language, and ride squirrels from tree to tree. Momma suggests that he try doing those things even though he is not a wood elf, and he is surprised that he can do everything — with the help of a little magic and imagination!

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Spies and Double Agents (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Series)

When Martin and his friend Julian decide to play spies together, Sylvia feels left out. She goes to Momma for help, and Momma teaches her how to become a double agent who spies — on the spies!

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Arctic Explorers (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Series)

After a night of gentle snow, Martin and Sylvia discover a sparkling winter landscape in their yard. Martin suggests they become arctic explorers and scout out a spot for camp. As they set up camp, Martin decides they should build a fire - a real fire - and have a real cookout! It will be a challenge as snow is starting to fall again, but he and Daddy are undaunted - just as the original arctic explorers once were.

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Woodshed Theater: Part Two (from the At Home with Martin & Sylvia Series)

In Part Two of the story, Sylvia can't wait to produce a play in the new Woodshed Theater, but Daddy has to finish it first! While the rest of the family builds, Sylvia imagines and plans the perfect production. With her determination and enthusiasm, she manages to inspire not only her own family, but also the neighbors and some friends in town! In Part Two we wonder: will the woodshed be complete in time? You'll be delighted by the answer.

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Putting on a Play (from the Martin & Sylvia Collection)

Martin and Sylvia wake to a very cold morning — ten below! Momma's car won't start, and she is unable to get to the office. What will she do? It just so happens there is to be a play in the living room. It's a play about the conquest of the south pole — starring Martin and Sylvia, and featuring Daddy as the sled dog!

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