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Storybox Playlist: Stories of Wonder

Wonder. Wonder can connect us with the planet and all its creatures; it can inspire creativity and connection; and it can make us happier and healthier. Wonder is one of the central parts of the Sparkle mission. Our stories offer seeds to help us learn “how to live in wonder and reverence for this truly incredible world.” This playlist is filled with stories that will hopefully inspire connection, creativity, and a lot of happiness too.

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Evergreen Brushes (from the Martin & Sylvia's Nature School Collection)

When Daddy realizes that he left the paint brushes in his studio in town, he is not sure how to do his planned lesson for Nature School. Luckily, Sylvia's friend Sofia comes up with an idea: why don't we make some? What happens next is not only fun, but beautiful.

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Neighborhood (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventure Collection)

When Martin and Sylvia's family visit old friends who have moved away to a neighborhood where the houses are all close together, brother and sister wonder what that might be like. Are the yards really small? Do lots of children always come over to play? When they find out, they learn the benefits of living in a neighborhood and the benefits of living where they do — in the country.

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Arctic Explorers (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures Collection)

After a night of gentle snow, Martin and Sylvia discover a sparkling winter landscape in their yard. Martin suggests they become arctic explorers and scout out a spot for camp. As they set up camp, Martin decides they should build a fire - a real fire - and have a real cookout! It will be a challenge as snow is starting to fall again, but he and Daddy are undaunted - just as the original arctic explorers once were.

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Twixt The Cracks (from The Willowbee Tree Collection)

Piper is bored with the same old summer things until the willow tree leads her to Ireland where she learns to see the hidden magic between the cracks.

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A Frosty Walk (from the At Home with Martin & Sylvia Collection)

Brother and sister wake one morning to see that everything in their yard is covered in shimmering frost crystals. It looks like a frost fairy paradise! When Daddy takes them on a walk to their neighbor's house, they discover Jack Frost's work along the sides of the brook, on the tips of every branch, and especially at the edges of a pond. They are so grateful for the beauty and wonder, that they decide to give the frost fairies a gift of their own making.

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