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storybox playlist: stories of sibling squabbles

"Mom, she's being mean!" "Dad, he stole my toy!" We've all heard these problems before. Sibling squabbles are sometimes endless. Sibling challenges can be hard for both parents and kids, so we've rounded up a few stories to guide you through examples of managing sibling squabbles and help you find a good way to work them out.

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Tilde the House Tomte (from the Stories about Sibling Rivalry collection)

Tilde the House Tomte loves a challenge. When a mother with two children marries a father with two children — right under her own roof — she gets her challenge. Not only do the siblings bicker, but now the step-siblings have arguments as well. When the mother must be away for an entire week, Tilde helps the children see each other anew: with love and empathy.

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Butting Heads and Lying Down (from The Willowbee Tree collection)

Clancy and Little Ty are not agreeing. They are both stubborn and this creates several stand-stills in their day. When the willow tree takes them to the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming, they meet two equally stubborn bighorn sheep who find a creative solution to their own impasse.

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Little Sister (from the At Home with Martin & Sylvia collection)

It is a beautiful day, and Martin is excited about having some friends over to play. His sister Sylvia wants to play too, but older brother is not so interested. When Daddy explains to Martin what it is like to be a younger sister, he realizes the opportunity and responsibility that comes with being older.

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The Jewel Island (from The Willowbee Tree collection)

When the Willowbee children receive a gift of coins and sparkly crystals from their aunt, Clancy immediately wants the "treasure" for his own collection. This creates an argument between the three of them — and it is not until the willow tree takes them to Halong Bay in Vietnam that they all learn what treasure truly is.

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Episode One: Bandicoots (from the Windward Ho! Book Two: Upbound Down Under collection)

In the first episode of book two of the Windward series, we find that it’s tough to be Polly and Bonny Anderson. Life back in Australia isn’t going well as they find themselves getting in trouble in school, not to mention fighting with each other. Things were so much better on their Windward trip a few months back. Could it be that another adventure is just what they need to set their lives aright?

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