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Storybox Playlist: Our Best Stories for Advent

Advent is upon us! We in Sparkle Land are big fans of the Advent season. Even if you are not connected to its Christian roots, the "waiting" component of counting the days leading up to Christmas can help slow the season down and inspire presence and connection to the small things.

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December 1st: Waiting (from the Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar Collection)

This story is a part of Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar -- 25 stories for the 24 magical days of Advent in December - plus Christmas! From the playhouse to the library, from the Weber's restaurant to the Spunderful Shop, you can spend all of December with the delightful brother and sister as they follow their own Advent adventure.

Enjoy a 10 to 25 minute story all the way to Christmas!

The story for December 1: "Waiting"

Advent is coming and brother and sister are worried - where is their advent calendar. When a curious golden envelope arrives in the mail the day before advent begins, Martin and Sylvia are surprised and delighted by the invitation inside.

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Mountain Home: A Story for Advent (from the Sparkle Saturday Series)

This is a story about a home on top of a mountain that must be approached slowly, steadily and on a path that is naturally a spiral. This story is connected with yearly "spiral walk" traditions.

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December One: Sergeant Calls a Meeting (from the Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar Collection)

One chilly evening in late autumn, Sergeant the steadfast Junkyard Watchdog announces some challenging news: the Junkyard isn’t able to pay its bills for the year, and the Junkyard Warden may have to leave. The other animals are upset - but when they realize that the Warden would take both Sergeant and Winnie with him, they are doubly distressed. What will they do? Luckily a familiar little mouse arrives with some support.

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Sparkle Car #9: Coming Round Again (from the Sparkle Car Series)

This month's episode includes two original holiday stories and one classic tale:

“Mr Gabriel’s Toy Store” (originally featured in Saturday Sparkle)

At the far end of a small town’s Central Green is a toy shop owned by Mr. Gabriel. As long as anyone could remember, Mr. Gabriel’s shop had always been there – selling its old-style toys from times gone by. Once a year everyone from miles around came to see the front window of his toy shop magically transform over the course of the days leading up to Christmas and then the twelve days that followed. There was much to behold, but the most incredible part of the display was the light – where did it come from? No one knew – until the day a young girl had the courage to ask…

"Four Friends" (originally featured in Saturday Sparkle)

Rosy, Grayson, Skippy and Peach are best friends who all live in the same town and go to the same school. Their families have a New Years Eve tradition to gather together and have a party that lasts into the night. It is a lot of fun, but as the night unfolds, Grayson starts to feel excluded and it takes the work of the other three to help him find his way back.

"The Bronze Ring"

A folktale from Ancient Persia about a gardener’s son whose kindness and generosity help him win the advice of an old wise woman. She guides him to a King and helps him choose a magical bronze ring that protects him on his many and varied adventures. This story is most suitable for children 5 years and older.

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The Secret of the Source (from The Willowbee Tree Series)

The Willowbee family has a winter holiday tradition where they are visited by the house gnome who brings them gifts. This year Piper is determined to see the house gnome and concocts a plan to catch a glimpse before it disappears into the snow. But when the Willow tree takes them to visit a group of curious rhesus monkeys who want to find the secret source of the Ganges river in India, Piper learns the value of mystery and how one question often leads to more questions.

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