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Storybox Playlist: Let's Do Some Good

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest changes in peoples lives. This could mean holding the door open for someone, picking up a dropped toy for a sad baby in stroller, or simply calling a friend to say hello. Many of our stories feature acts of kindness — and our soon to be released Libby & Dish Good-Deed-A-Day Club Holiday Collection centers on it! Let’s start the inspiration now with some of our current favorites…

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The Thing About Cats (from the Libby & Dish Collection)

One day, Libby discovers that Dish is irritated and that their neighbor dog, Chad, has some hurt feelings. It takes a while, but Libby finally learns about the disagreement between the cat and dog — and then helps the two of them find common ground and forgiveness.

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Helping Out (from the Martin & Sylvia Series)

Martin and Sylvia wake to a snowstorm and the promise of sledding on the neighbor's horse pasture hill. When the hill turns out to be occupied and they return to see that Momma has taken a sick day from her work, the children recognize the value and delight of letting go of plans and helping out at home.

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The Laundry (from the At Home With Martin & Sylvia Series)

Martin and Sylvia help around the house in many ways. They put their dishes in the sink, they dust windowsills, and they help with the vacuuming. Their least favorite task is the laundry — that is, until the dryer breaks and suddenly they need to hang laundry around the house. White sheets become ice cliffs and dark blue towels become trees. And who is that sleeping under a sunset of red tablecloths and yellow pants?

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Junkyard Tales Introduction - Part Four: The House of Chairs (from the Junkyard Tales Introduction Collection)

Mr. Flinch, the Junkyard’s grandfatherly possum, has lost his Junkyard home. The pile of cars that he once called his own has been hauled off. The Junkyard friends must find him a new house! But it won’t be easy. Mr. Flinch needs his home to be just so. Ben Thompson, clever cat, is new to the Junkyard — but that doesn’t stop his determination to help his new friend by discovering just the right spot. And it’s a place that no one else could possibly imagine!

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Pay It Forward (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Series)

One morning everyone is surprised to see Mr. Brown's son arrive ready to mow the lawn for them. He says that he wanted to do something nice for them because they did something nice for the Browns. Brother and sister are curious about this and Daddy explains that sometimes instead of paying someone back for a kindness, they pay it forward to someone else. Then Martin and Sylvia think of things they can do to "pay it forward."

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