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Storybox Playlist: Growth Mindset

Encouraging a Growth Mindset in your children fosters so many good qualities: patience, persistence, and grit to name a few. It also helps kids value their mistakes, and be curious about the best ways to learn. Here are five stories that demonstrate these qualities.

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Grit (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Series)

Martin is excited about giving his friend Sasha a special gift — he wants to make her a microscope. When he is faced with the actual mechanics of how to make a base and an eyepiece and a lens out of the materials he has — he nearly gives up. But then Daddy tells him that the most important thing any builder or inventor must have is grit: sticking with it, especially when things are difficult. Martin hears him and then turns to his project with new determination — and in the process, comes up with some new ideas...

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Taking Your Time (from The Willowbee Tree Series)

Piper, the oldest child, can be rather competitive with her friends and family. Sometimes she likes to finish first even if it means making mistakes or not doing her best work. When the Willow Tree takes them to the jungles of Ecuador, a three toed sloth teaches her the value and power of moving slowly and taking her time.

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How to Fall (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Series)

Sylvia wants to learn how to skate but is afraid of falling down. When Daddy insists that learning how to fall is the first step in learning how to skate, Sylvia is resistant and doubtful. But after her first, second and third fall, she starts to get better at skating and her doubts change into confidence.

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Safi the Giraffe Calf (from the Sparkle Sleepytime Series)

Safi and her twin sister Gwendele both want to stand and walk. When Safi decides that her legs don't work correctly because she isn't able to walk on her first try, Gwendele persists. By the end of the day Gwendele can not only walk but she can join the bigger giraffes for story time. When Safi sees this, she changes her mind and resolves to join the others.

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The Rat Catcher's Son (from the By Thistles By Thimble Series)

The By Thistle By Thimble story, "The Rat-catcher's Son" follows Bern the rat-catcher's son. The role of rat-catcher may not be respected in the old stone city where Bern is employed, but he is very good at what he does. The boy learns from his father that the skills of patience, confidence and perseverance are important not only for rat-catching, but for any goal in life.

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