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Storybox Playlist: Car Ride Classics: Stories for Pleasant Journeys

Traveling in the car is a privilege of the modern age — but when young children are involved, it might feel more like a burden than a privilege. Being strapped in and needing to stay put is not their happy place. So what to do? Maybe add some stories to the mix!

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Martin and Sylvia: Travel! (Collection)

Join Martin and Sylvia's adventures as they travel from New England to California - in car, plane and train! In the five stories of this Collection, the family brings imagination to each step of the way, and creates delight wherever they are (even delayed in the airport)

!Together these stories make nearly two hours of traveling fun and inspiration.

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Sparkle Car (Four Season Series)

You've got a family car trip ahead, and it may be a long one. What to do with the little ones? Sparkle Car! This monthly series features hour-long collections of original stories mixed with traveling verses, songs and fun car games. We know excellent audio stories can make family travel times fun (and so much easier)!

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The In-Between (from the Martin & Sylvia Series)

Fairies love the space where two different things meet: like forest and field, or garden and house. When the family takes a day-trip to the ocean, Martin and Sylvia are particularly excited to experience the fairy treasures that can be found between the sea and the land. And they discover that fairy magic can appear in the most unlikely places.

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Short Way Long Way Right Way Wrong Way (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Series)

It is a few days before their big trip to California, and Daddy has some errands to run. Brother and sister reluctantly come, but hope the trip will be short and quick. When Daddy proposes they take a new route, they all enjoy the magic that can happen when taking short ways, long ways, right ways and wrong ways.

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Carrying Your Homes (from the At Home with Martin & Sylvia Series)

When Momma gets a chance to study a special kind of goose that winters near the cold northern cities, the whole family decides to join her and spend the week staying in a hotel and exploring the city. Daddy encourages them to only bring what they need, "Like a turtle who carries his home on his back". This gets brother and sister excited about finding other ways to bring their beloved home with them.

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About the Author

David Sewell McCann
Story Spinner

David Sewell McCann fell in love with spinning stories in first grade – the day a storyteller came to his class and captured his mind and imagination. He has been engaged in storytelling all of his adult life through painting, film-making, teaching and performing. Out of his experience as a Waldorf elementary class teacher and parent, he has developed a four step method of intuitive storytelling, which he now shares through workshops and through this website.