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Storybox Playlist: A Season of Gratitude and Community

When I moved away from home, I lived far enough away that coming home for Thanksgiving was expensive and I couldn't make that happen every year — but it was still very important to me. So I organized with other friends who were staying in town and it ended up becoming a tradition of gathering together every year. Each person invited brought a dish and we made a community gathering of friends. I'd make gratitude leaves and we'd all write one thing we were grateful for that year. This tradition has continued for ten years now. With gratitude and community in mind, I've gathered some of my favorite Sparkle Stories to help your family be inspired to gather in gratitude with your local community this holiday season.

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Sharing a Meal (from The Willowbee Tree Series)

The Willowbee children are resistant to attending a potluck party and sharing their mother’s delicious nutty cinnamon rolls. The Willow Tree takes them to Tasmania to meet a Tasmanian Devil, a Tasmanian Tiger, a few quolls, echidnas, and other curious animals that are happily sharing a bounty of local food — teaching the children that food is ever so much better when shared!

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The Junkyard Feast: A Story of Thanksgiving (from the Junkyard Tales Series)

It is time for the annual Junkyard Feast. In this autumn celebration, the Junkyard animals cook special dishes in gratitude for all they have given each other throughout the year. All of the Junkyard animals enjoy this feast except one: Sergeant. He is always away for this special event, celebrating Thanksgiving with the Junkyard Warden and his family. When Ben, clever cat, learns this, he insists they do something special for the steadfast watchdog who keeps the Junkyard safe...all year long.

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Homegrown Thanksgiving (from the At Home With Martin & Sylvia Series)

For as long as either Martin or Sylvia can remember, they have gone to their grandparents' home to celebrate Thanksgiving. But this year, their parents have decided to host the event at home. And not only is the traditional location changing, but Momma and Daddy have proposed to cook a Thanksgiving meal with only local ingredients — which means that everything they eat will come from their own garden or from farms nearby! Martin and Sylvia wonder: what in the world will they eat?

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The Fairy Feast (from the So Many Fairies Series)

Fairies, much like people, need to get to know each other. They must be able to work together to meet the everyday challenges of the natural world, such as storms, temperature changes, and changes brought by people. And how do they become acquainted? Through feasting! So when there’s a sudden change in the backyard of twin brothers Russell and Randolph, the stonewall gnomes, brook nymphs, and oak tree elves must assemble a “feast” — a special and very potent fairy gathering.

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The Forgetful Turkey (from the Junkyard Tales Series)

Sergeant and Ben Thompson hear a strange sound one morning. There's a lost turkey in the Junkyard! They allow the turkey to come in so long as he honors the Junkyard rules - most importantly, stay out of sight of the Warden. This would be easy for the turkey if it wasn't for his terrible memory. His forgetfulness puts the Junkyard animals in a very difficult position, but their cleverness saves the day.

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