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Storybox Playlist: Mapping Your New Year

Where would you like 2019 to take you? What would you like to do, see, learn, or experience this coming year? Let these stories get you excited about making plans and creating intentions.

A Map of the Year (from the At Home with Martin & Sylvia Series)

It is the first week of school and in Martin and Sylvia's house, that means transforming the dining room table into the homeschool work table. Everybody is excited about new books, new materials and, indeed, new subjects to learn. This year, Martin is nervous that he will not learn the same things as his friend Sasha who attends the neighborhood school. Momma and Daddy suggest they make lists of all the things each family member wants to learn this year. They compile all of the lists into something like a map: a Map of the Year!

This story is an autumn story about the start of school, but is also perfect for the start of any new year or project.

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A Year to Build a Day - Introduction to a Day of Rest (from the Martin & Sylvia: Day of Rest Collection)

Christmas is over and Momma is backed up with work. Daddy is frustrated because their wood pile hasn’t been stacked and he isn’t sure when that is happening. Guests are coming and children are tired and it all seems a bit too much. And then, Momma is given a present that introduces a new idea to the family: A Day of Rest.

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Wilhelm Bauer - Carpenter and Designer (from the Dry Gables Collection)

Wilhelm Bauer is the designer and chief builder of Dry Gables, South Dakota. His designs are elegant, efficient and truly perfect. Except for one very significant flaw - which he learns from a new member of the community, the boisterous pigman Bronislav Bogomolov.

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Dreaming the Garden (from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Series)

One wintery morning, Mr. Brown invites brother and sister to come to the farm for some "secret work". They wonder - is it pruning? Building a new chicken coop? Making pies? But the secret work is much quieter and imaginative than they expect - they are going to help the garden dream.

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Missouri: The Rainbow Bridge (from the FIFTY: The Stars, the States, and the Stories Series)

Miss Powell loves her hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri and it troubles her to see it in apparent decline. When she hears a proposal from a local councilman to build a monument near the historic courthouse, she is determined to lend a hand. She enrolls the class of 1931 to draw pictures of possible monuments - with the hope of seeing the future of their - and the result is not only profound but remarkably accurate! Note: Though this is historical fiction and the characters have been developed to accommodate a story, their attributes and development may be useful as reference points and inspirations.

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