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Storybox Playlist: Make Em' Laugh: The Best Antidote for Overwhelm

The old saying "laughter is the best medicine" still holds true. Whenever I am sad or my kids are sad or feeling overwhelmed, we try to find something funny to listen to or read. I remember as a kid, my mom would always make really silly voices and faces when I was feeling down and that made me laugh so much and turned my mood right around. This week I've rounded up some of our funniest Sparkle stories. I hope they bring you a few laughs — just as they do for my family.

A Case of the Giggles (from the At Home With Martin & Sylvia Series)

Momma is presenting a lecture on “Long Horned Beetles" and the whole family wants to attend. Daddy explains to Martin and Sylvia that they'll need to be still, quiet, and attentive during the lecture. Just in case they should be beset by "a case of the giggles," he teaches them a technique to help calm and quiet themselves. But, as it turns out, it is not the children who end up with “a case of the giggles”!

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Springtime Fun and Foolery (from the Martin & Sylvia Series)

It's the first week of spring and the house is abuzz with fun and foolery. Martin makes a treasure hunt for his sister that has a suspicious treat at the end. Sylvia and Daddy dress up like each other and fool Martin. But at the end of the day, Momma surprises everyone at dinnertime!

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A Kitchen of Canning (from the At Home With Martin & Sylvia Series)

It's the end of tomato season and the beginning of apple season in Martin and Sylvia's house - which means it is time to can food for the winter. When Sylvia expresses some hesitation about all the work involved, Momma inspires her sense of adventure through every step of the process - including clean up!

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So Many Apples (from the Junklyard Tales: All Together Now Series)

Angus the Camel returns to the Junkyard, but this time he brings a gift: two large sacks of apples. Georgia Bean suggests they celebrate by having an Apple Festival. Ben, though he doesn't like apples, is excited to play all the apple-based games. But he is surprised at what the "festival" turns out to be.

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Silly Speak Songs (from the Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! Series)

Brother and sister attend a song-writing workshop with a visiting children's musician and even though Martin is at first resistant, they both learn the silly way she writes songs.

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