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Post Election Support – Suggestions and Stories

I want to write some thoughts about how to support yourself and your children today -- as emotions run high, as the media frenzy now feeds on “what if” stories, and we all recover from the outcome of the election.

We can make choices to support our own well-being, as well as the well-being of our children, as we continue to move toward balance and healing.


Here are some of our best suggestions, as well as stories that can help.


What you can do today:

  • Stay out of the media frenzy as much as you can. Even just for today.

  • Focus on what’s really in front of you. Drink your tea. Get outside. Stand on the earth. (Bare feet are best.) Pet the dog. Look into the eyes of the person in front of you. Hug and kiss your children.

  • Feel. Feel the emotions in your body and your feet on the ground. Give yourself lots of room to feel.

  • Move your body. Walk. Run. Dance. Shake.

  • Remind yourself of your community, of all the folks that love and care for you, and that you love and care for. Let folks know with hugs and messages. Imagine that circle expanding.

  • Know that growth comes out of pain and hardship. Yes there will be work ahead, but we are all up for it. We will grow stronger and better at caring for each other.

  • If you can, feed yourself with good things. Good foods. Poetry. Stories. You can choose what you surround yourself in. It’s not irresponsible to step into something different today, particularly when there’s nothing you can do to change the current outcome.


What you can do for your children today:

  • Help them be grounded. Go out into nature. Get bare footed. Feel the grass. Feel the rain or sun on your face. And move: dance, jump, run, shake. Baths are good too.

  • Give them room to be messy. Children are sensitive, and they are going to feel the pervasive anxiety. Be extra kind and spacious.

  • Feed them with good things. Good food. Good stories.

  • Tell them that they are cared for and safe. That the world is full of good people caring for and protecting each other. Point out all the folks that love them, the circle of friends and family that care.

  • If they are worried about what might happen under the leadership of a particular elected offical, tell them that there’s an entire democratic system in this country that makes it hard for a single individual to do anything dramatic or crazy. And there are a lot of good people out there working toward healing.


Lastly, know there are many many people - us included - that will continue to work tirelessly for healing, to ensure all are welcome and cared for.

We are all waking up to a new time of growth, and we are up for the task.


Below our some of our best stories that we think will help in these post-election days.



“Denny and the Could Bee”

Helping and Healing centered, big white border for blog


This story can help reassure children that wonder if dangerous things could happen to them or to people they love.



“Denny and the Could Bee” is all about the insidious nature of imagining what “could” happen. Rumors, exaggerations, fearful stories, and even simple wonderings have “Could Bees” buzzing around in them. Luckily Mr. James, Denny’s kindergarten teacher, has a way of shooing those Could Bees away and allowing the truth of the matter to become clear.

This story is from the Helping & Healing Toolbelt.


Denny and the Could Bee


"Someone Else's Dragon"

Sparkle Dragon for Blog left


This story can help children let go of fears that they may have taken on from others.



The people of Solvei’s village have a yearly festival that marks the end of the growing season and the beginning of the dark time. In this joyful celebration, the villagers dress as dragons that represent the things they fear. Solvei is too young to attend, but is so excited that she sneaks a peek on the night of the festival — and comes home with many different fears from the “dragons” that she saw there. Her mother explains that she has taken on ‘someone else’s dragon’ and then helps her daughter give the fears back so she can fall peacefully asleep.

This story is from the By Thistle By Thimble Series.


Download "Someone Else's Dragon" here.


Click the link to open player window. Then simply "control-click" on Apple or "right-click" on PC and choose "Save As".

Someone Else's Dragon



"The Fischer from the Top Branch"

Geography Image for Blog, centered white border


This story is to help children see the healing possibilities in a divisive election year.



“The Fischer from the Top Branch” is a story about an election. A water hole in the Serengeti plains needs a leader who will represent all creatures who need water. So - a ‘Prefect’ is elected every wet season to monitor the water and make sure everyone is served. But choosing the ‘Prefect’ is often contentious.

This year the choice is between a Fischer’s Lovebird and a Leopard - and the election is emotional, ridden with conflict and indeed, personal. In the end the Lovebird is elected - but she immediately sees the need for healing - the need for the creatures to unite again. Luckily, she flies to the top branch of a nearby acacia tree and is able to see the land and all its creatures together. And that image helps her know what to do.

This story is from the By Thistle By Thimble Audio Story Series.


Download "The Fischer from the Top Branch" here.

Click the link to open player window. Then simply "control-click" on Apple or "right-click" on PC and choose "Save As".

The Fischer from the Top Branch



These stories have no Sparkle advertisement – only a short copyright tag at the end. They are intended as a gift to support families who may find it useful.

Feel free to download and share these stories as often as you’d like. We give permission for them to be shared freely.

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