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NINE Outdoor Recipes and Crafts

This week we are EXPLORING our State and National Parks. There are so many wonderful things to see and do and explore there you hardly need our help. But we thought we'd give you a few ideas to help enrich your experience no matter where you are exploring.

Autumn Trail Mix 1

Autumn Trail Mix

Because no good explorer would be caught out in the wild without taking something along to eat.

Find the recipe HERE

Hidden Earth Art Featured Image

Hidden Earth Art

This is a great game to play as you are hiking the trails. Because this art is made of nature objects there is no litter and you can leave no trace.

Find the tutorial HERE

bug repellant kc 1

Homemade Bug Repellant

No matter where you go this summer, be it Denali National Park in Alaska or Big Bend National Park in Southern Texas, there will be bugs to greet you. Some bugs you may like – like dragon flies and beetles; others, like mosquites and black flies, you might not want. Try our all-natural homemade bug repellant and keep those biting bugs from getting in your way.

Find the tutorial HERE

bird calls

Identifying Bird Calls

While you're out and about exploring, you'll probably hear lots of birds and maybe you'll want to know what they are. Follow our tutorial for identifying bird calls.

Find the tutorial HERE

nature journal 4

Nature Journals

Keeping a nature journal is an excellent way to get to know the park you are visiting. It's also like a scrapbook of things you've seen on your explorations.

Find the tutorial HERE

nettle cauliflower casserole KC1

Nettle and Caulifower Casserole

This one is more for neighborhoods or local parks, as often the national parks will not let you pick plants or take rocks – but nettles are so yummy and taste a lot like spinach when cooked.

Find the recipe HERE

Rock Stacking 1

Rock Stacking

You will probably find many existing rock stacks as you hike the trails in the parks. Here's how you can make your own.

Find the tutorial HERE

pine needle tea KC!

Evergreen Tea

If you are camping at the parks, this is a great tea to try! It only requires hot water and pine needles.

Find the recipe HERE

trout over a campfire

Wilderness Trout

If you know how to fish, this is another great activity to do in the parks. Catch and eat fresh wild trout.

Find the recipe HERE