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Meet "Libby & Dish"

Libby and Dish are best friends who live in a high-rise apartment in the Big City. Libby is a shy, quiet girl with a big imagination, and Dish is a well-fed kitty with a head for planning.

Both of them are fond of adventures, fruit smoothies, and Mr. Bhachu, the grumpy old man at the end of the hall. Neither of them likes loud noises, mayonnaise, or the drooly dog Chad who lives in the apartment next door.

With Libby’s “Adventure Checklist” and Dish’s keen mind for plans, the two of them discover the many wonders of the city — including the magical delivery truck, the abundance of the public library, and a new boy named Juan Paco whose family just moved into the building.


Libby & Dish is our newest collection, perfect for ages 3 and up.

We've created three sweet stories to introduce the characters in their urban world. Would you like to have a taste?

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Libby & Dish Introduction: Part One


Five-year-old Libby has just heard her least favorite word in all the world: errands. Her mother is planning for a morning out and about in the city. Libby furrows her brow, and refuses. But Dish inspires her with an exciting plan, involving a little secret detective work...

Libby and Dish Intro Part 1 Something Going On — 2019

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Libby & Dish Introduction: Part Two

Libby and Dish prepare for Libby’s outing to the city with an Adventure Checklist. On it there are four items, including a mask of on-and-off invisibility and a “shelter cloak of safekeeping”. Ready for a little detective work, she ventures out, and finds a first clue in the elevator, thanks to Mr. Bhachu her grumpy neighbor.


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