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Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar – Day 25: "Christmas Morning - Advent Memories"

In this Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar story, "Christmas Morning - Advent Memories," brother and sister lay in bed early Christmas morning and wait until it is time to go downstairs. As they wait, they chat quietly about the 24 days that have led to this morning – all the delight and discovery they enjoyed – until Daddy whispers that it is time to come downstairs. And Christmas begins…

There are lots of fun ways to remember special times; here are a few:

diy vacation shadowbox 1|| explore DIY Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are a great way to remember just about anything. From a trip into nature to an advent scavenger hunt.

Find the tutorial HERE.

  • Play Martin and Sylvia's memory game. Start with Day 1 of the advent calendar and try to remember all the things you did. Or better yet try to remember all the stories you heard.
  • Draw pictures of your favorite days of Advent.

About the Author

KC Pagano
Sparkle Stories Media Maven

KC is a full-time radical homemaker and mama to two spunky little girls. She writes about all kinds of radical goodness, from gardening and cooking with whole foods to crafting, sewing, homeschooling, and mama musings. Read more on her blog The Nettlesome Life.

About Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar

This story is a part of Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar -- 25 stories for the 24 magical days of Advent in December - plus Christmas! From the playhouse to the library, from the Weber's restaurant to the Spunderful Shop, you can spend all of December with the delightful brother and sister as they follow their own Advent adventure. Enjoy a 10 to 25 minute story every day, all the way to Christmas!