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Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar – Day 23: "A Cleaning Party"

In this Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar story, "A Cleaning Party," it is the morning of their annual Advent Spiral Walk Party and brother and sister are excited about everything except one thing: cleaning. But Advent magic has a solution to that!

When you live in a family, no matter how big or small, it's important to keep the community space clean. Martin and Sylvia know this is true even if they don't want to clean.

Here are some tips for including your children in the big clean.

  • Have special kid-size cleaning tools ready at hand. That could be a small broom and dust pan or a brightly colored spray bottle and cleaning rag.
  • Give your child only one or two chores depending on their age level and ablity. Even the smallest of children can help dust furniture or help polish a table top.
  • Make it a game. Have everyone pretend they are somewhere far away and cleaning a castle. Or have everyone put on silly hats or wigs and pretend to be a character cleaning.
  • When your child has done the chore you asked of them, allow them to help in other ways if they request it rather than demanding they another chore if they are tired.

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If you are interested in taking an Advent Spiral Walk like Martin and Sylvia's family, read our special tutorial HERE.

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KC Pagano
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