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Handy Toolbelt of Stories to Help and Heal

One of the Sparkle missions is to offer stories that help children through common thresholds. Whether it's the loss of a pet, the first day of school, or divorcing parents, we want to have stories that can be used to help and heal.

Stories to help and heal?

Absolutely. Stories can offer 'grounding' images and narratives to help make sense of dynamic and sometimes overwhelming life events. They can give children models for how to manage challenges and disappointments. And they can help children feel seen and understood.


Below are three of my favorite Helping & Healing stories:

  • Shaking Shakira - for physical trauma or injury
  • Good Morning Magic - for separation anxiety
  • Somone Else's Dragon - for support with fear

Keep these in your 'back pocket' for when your family needs them!



Unshaking Shakira - the Pygmy Sloth who Fell

from the Sparkle Sleepytime Series

Unshaking Shakira was created to help children who have experienced trauma or physical injury.



On her first slow walk out to the end of a red mangrove branch, Shakira, the pygmy sloth experienced something sudden: the branch broke off. She and the branch fell down to the ground, and though she was fine - no breaks or bruises - she was still rather shaken up. Luckily her mother had fallen many times and knew what to do - she would 'unshake' her - or help her body let go of the accident.

The story was written for some dear friends who had just gotten into a car accident, and though they escaped with only bruises, both children were pretty rattled. The story gives a body-based exercise that anyone can use.

Unshaking Shakira

Good Morning Magic

from the By Thistle By Thimble Series

This story helps with separation anxiety.



Stephan is a very busy man - but he and his daughter Pippy have two special times they always spend together. They are together every morning, when Pippy wakes and every evening, when Pippy goes to bed. These times are special for not only them, but for the fairies that regularly gather in the city apartment where they live...

Good Morning Magic, By Thistle By Thimble

Someone Else's Dragon

from the By Thistle By Thimble Series

The story support children in managing fear about something they've seen or heard.



The people of Solvei’s village have a yearly festival that marks the end of the growing season and the beginning of the dark time. In this joyful celebration, the villagers dress as dragons that represent the things they fear. Solvei is too young to attend, but is so excited that she sneaks a peek on the night of the festival — and comes home with many different fears from the “dragons” that she saw there. Her mother explains that she has taken on ‘someone else’s dragon’ and then helps her daughter give the fears back so she can fall peacefully asleep.

Someone Else's Dragon


Our streaming website is filled with stories for various thresholds. Use the search function to find stories that match your particular challenge.

Also, we've pulled our best helping and healing stories into a single collection:

the Helping and Healing Handy Tool-belt of Stories.


If you're a subscriber, you can find it on the streaming website here.


If you are not a subscriber, and your family is facing a particular challenge and needs support, email us!

If we have a story that might help, we'd be happy to send it to you.

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