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Handy Toolbelt of Stories to Help and Heal

One of the Sparkle missions is to offer stories that help children through common thresholds. Whether it's the loss of a pet, the first day of school, or divorcing parents, we want to have stories that can be used to help and heal.

Stories to help and heal?

Absolutely. Stories can offer "grounding" images and narratives to help make sense of dynamic and sometimes overwhelming life events. They can give children models for how to manage challenges and disappointments. And they can help children feel seen and understood.

Below are three of my favorite Helping & Healing stories:

  • Shaking Shakira - for physical trauma or injury
  • Good Morning Magic - for separation anxiety
  • Somone Else's Dragon - for support with fear

Keep these in your 'back pocket' for when your family needs them!

Our streaming website is filled with stories for various thresholds. Use the search function to find stories that match your particular challenge.

Also, we've pulled our best helping and healing stories into a single collection:

the Helping and Healing Handy Tool-belt of Stories.

If you're a subscriber, you can find it on the streaming website here.

If you are not a subscriber, and your family is facing a particular challenge and needs support, email us!

If we have a story that might help, we'd be happy to send it to you.

H&H Unshaking Shakira — 2019

BTBT Good Morning Magic — 2019