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Get Inspired to EXPLORE this Summer

Exploring can start in your very own yard and neighborhood!

Below you'll find a series suggestions and projects to inspire your family to put on their explorer packs and get out the door.

We'll start with exploring our own homes and yards, and then move to exploring our neighborhoods, towns and cities. Next we'll talk about state and national parks, and then we'll bring it around again and share ideas for returning home and capturing what you experienced.


Explore Your Backyard

Start with this blog post, in which Lisabeth offers her best suggestions for finding "fresh eyes" to explore your own home and backyard.

After that, listen to stories from our Explore your Backyard Playlist! They will inspire your family to get right out and discover.

summer nature crafts round up

Feel inspired to create after all of that exploration? Here are NINE Crafts that are fun to add to your own backyard adventures!

Explore your Neighborhood, Town & Local Parks

Ready for more adventures? Next you'll want to see this blog post, packed with suggestions for exploring your neighborhood, town and local parks.

Before you go out, join Martin & Sylvia and the Junkyard crew as they explore there local areas in this Stories for Exploring Local Parks Playlist.

healthy hiking foods round up

Need adventure snacks? See our best recipes and suggestions for healthy snacks to keep you and your little explorers on the go, from our Hiking Food For little Explorers Round Up.

Explore Big Parks: State and National

Are you ready for even bigger adventures? How about taking a trip to a State or National park?

This week, we're going to jump right to stories. To get your family inspired, listen to the Stories for Exploring Big Parks Playlist.

explore state and national parks|| explore roundup

We have so many good recipes and crafts for outdoor explorations. Here are nine of our favorites, from pine needle tea to nature journals.

Coming Home Again: Tips for Preserving Memories

When it is time to come home, here is a Playlist to welcome you back.

diy vacation shadowbox 1|| explore

If you've collected nature treasures on your explorations, here is our tutorial for making Shadow Boxes to preserve your treasures.

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