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Sparkle Car #1 Our First Trip Together

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About Sparkle Car #1 Our First Trip Together

You've got a family car trip ahead, and it may be a long one. What to do with the little ones? Sparkle Car! This monthly series features hour-long collections of original stories mixed with traveling verses, songs, and fun car games. We know excellent audio stories can make family travel times fun — and so much easier!



Included in this episode is an original Martin & Sylvia story called "A Visit from Uncle Phil." In this story, Daddy's adventuring friend Phil comes to visit for the weekend. And a visit from Uncle Phil means a whole lot of fun! Brother and sister have great ideas about what they'd each like to do, but they can't seem to agree. When Uncle Phil arrives, he challenges them to find something they can all do together. With a little story magic from Uncle Phil, sibling harmony is found once again.

Also included: "The Bremen Town Musician," a story collected by the Brother's Grimm and "East of the Sun and West of the Moon," a story from Norway. Woven between the stories are some long verses that everyone can join in, as well as some fun and original car games.