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Libby and Dish - First Collection: New Friends

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About Libby and Dish - First Collection: New Friends

Libby and Dish are best friends who live in a high-rise apartment in the Big City. Libby is a shy, quiet girl with a big imagination, and Dish is a well-fed kitty with a keen mind for plans. Both of them are fond of adventures, fruit smoothies, and Mr. Bhachu, the grumpy old man at the end of the hall. With Libby’s “Adventure Checklist” and Dish’s sage advice, the two of them discover the many wonders of their home in the city.

Ages 3+



In this first collection of 13 stories, we are also introduced to the Cortez family. They haved moved to the city from Puerto Rico, and Libby learns that Juan Paco is her age. We also get to know Mr. Bhachu, down the hall, and Chad, the drooly dog who lives next door.