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FIFTY: The Stars, the States, and the Stories Collection One

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About FIFTY: The Stars, the States, and the Stories Collection One

In this collection of stories, we will learn about the American Experiment through the experience of “regular folk” – one from each state. Rebels, Industrialists, Foresters, Farmers, Immigrants from every corner of the planet and Native Folk who have been here for a very long time – we will meet them all in a moment of true citizenship: when they make the American Experiment their own.

Ages 8+



Ages 8+

Collection one contains the following states: Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisana, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri, Arkansas

These stories are all historical fiction – pulling from real historical and biographical facts – but “sparkled” into a narrative that engages and inspires.

Each story in our FIFTY series is accompanied by study notes that frame how the story can inspire further lessons in American history, geography, and civics along with providing themes that can support our children's growth and development. Download it here.

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