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How to Have a Sparkly Holiday!

Happy December Sparkle friends!

How have we reached the final month of the year? Now that it's upon us, let's make it sparkling, shall we?

This December, let us help you create a lovely month of sweet celebrations, wonder-filled quiet times, and inspired family together-times! We make it easy with nearly 100 Sparkle stories for Advent and Christmas, plus loads of corresponding crafts and recipes to choose from.

My best recommendations for how to have a Sparkly Holiday Season:

  • Choose one of our Audio Advent Calendars (see below).
  • Pick a regular, quiet time of day to listen to the daily Advent story.*
  • Download the accompanying printable Advent project to enjoy each day!

*Note: the stories can often inspire creativity and play, so I recommend making a regular time that is followed by open-ended playtime.

You can also:

Choose an Audio Advent Calendar:

M and S Advent 1400 banner white border for blog

Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar

Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar Follow the 25 magical days of Advent with Martin and Sylvia! From the playhouse to the library, from the Webers' restaurant to the Spunderful Shop, you can spend all of December with the delightful brother and sister as they follow their own Advent adventure.

Twenty-five stories for December 1 to December 25. Over five-and-a-half hours of audio.

Find the Stories HERE.

Print the Advent Cheat Sheet

Download the Printable HERE

jyt advent calendar graphic 1400 banner for blog

Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar

This Christmas, the Junkyard Warden has a challenge he doesn't know how to face – something that could change the Junkyard for good. Sergeant, the steadfast Junkyard watchdog, alerts the other animals and they immediately take it up. “We take care of each other,” they say. “Even though the Warden doesn’t know about us, he still needs our help.

"Twenty-five stories for December 1 to December 25. Six-and-a-half hours hours of audio.

Find the Stories HERE.

Download the Printable HERE.

Living Room Nutcracker

"I'm not yet a subscriber. What's the best way to hear all of the Christmas stories?"

There are two ways to access our Advent & Christmas stories.

If you have any questions about any of our holiday content, don't hesitate to ask! We love to help. Just email us:

Happy December!

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