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friday's kind words

I just have to tell you what a real gift you all are to our family. I simply cannot imagine not having sparkle stories.

Our oldest is seven and a highly sensitive and anxious introverted little girl. Your stories have a profound affect on her - providing both comfort and encouragement, opening windows of magical worlds, and gently nudging her towards new growth.

As well, I have been amazed at the depth of the themes and the characters - many stories have become personal favorites of mine! Particularly, of late, the How to be Super series - I am still pondering the themes and plan to listen to it again soon.

And, my husband, a pediatric surgeon, who often has to grab sleep whenever it is possible, has told me that he often puts on a sparkle sleepy time as he's laying down in a call room!

Thank you for using your gifts and talents to bless our family. We are truly grateful.