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friday's kind words

I just wanted to tell you how incredibly much my 4 yr old daughter is loving the stories (and me as well!).

The first day I uploaded the new autumn stories it was a cold rainy day and we sat in front of the fire and listened to them all (her request to hear them all). I can't believe she sat still that long and just listened.

And then she asked to listen to some of them again. And at the end when it says, "we hoped you enjoyed it." she replied, "I did! I loved it!" . . . From a parent's perspective, the stories inspire such lovely conversations and are also just so enjoyable to listen to.

Please know these stories have made a huge, positive impact in her life and she talks about Martin and Sylvia frequently (our son is only 19 months, and he enjoys dancing to the opening music).

Thank you SO MUCH for telling these stories and sharing them!

  • Sara, New Plymouth, New Zealand